What are AI credits? How do they work?

AI credits in Decktopus are needed to use our AI features. The number of credits you have depends on your subscription plan. Making a presentation with AI costs 30 credits, and using AI for images costs 5 credits; icons and lists cost 1 credit each.
You can get AI credits by having a monthly or yearly subscription to Decktopus AI. These credits renew every month with your subscription. Check our pricing page for details on our subscription plans.

To benefit from the tips and Q&A features for effective presentation preparation, you need to spend 5 credits. Detailed articles in our help center provide detailed information on how to get the most out of these features.

Import PDF: 50 credits
Create AI deck: 30 credits
Regenerate: 30 credits
AI Image suggestion: 5 credits
Internal tools: 1 credits
Q&A: 5 credits
Tips: 5 credits 

  • You can easily check your credits and see how you've used your credits in the subscription section.

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  • You can click on See AI Credit Usage Details and see your credit usage history.

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Note:  You can also create presentations using Decktopus without requiring AI credits. You have the option to build your decks manually from a variety of templates, allowing you to choose different designs and colors that suit your preferences.


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