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Subscription Panel

Do you need to see your subscription and billing details? Or do you want to cancel your subscription? You can do it by following these steps.


  • Click on your name on the dashboard and choose "Subscription" in the sidebar menu.



  • After that, you can see and check your subscription and billing.

  • When you click on "Subscription"
    • You can see your plan in 1,
    • your AI credits in 2 and gift credits in 3,
    • and your card details in 4 in the Subscription section.




Also, when you click "See AI Credit Usage Details", you can check out in detail how and for what purpose you use your AI credits.

    • You can see the credits used for icon suggestion,
    • the credits used for image suggestion,
    • the credits used for list item suggestions,
    • the credits used when creating the AI deck,
    • the credits used for create tips,
    • the credits used for generate Q&A,
    • the credits used for create single slide note,
    • the credits used for create multiple slide notes,



  • And finally, if you want to cancel your subscription, you can cancel your account by clicking the "Cancel" button at the end of the page.




  • If you want to check out your bills, you can do it by clicking the "Billing" option.



That's All!

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