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How to import a PDF and generate your presentation?

Decktopus explores the straightforward process of importing a PDF and harnessing the power of AI to create engaging presentations, making it easier than ever to communicate your ideas effectively. Let's look at how we can import PDFs and generate a presentation with them.


First, click here to log in to Decktopus.


  • You will see 3 options to create a presentation. Click on the "Create with AI"





  • Then, click on "Import your PDF."





  • Then, upload your file by dragging, dropping, or browsing on your device. Then hit "Next."




  • After that, you can insert your input into the bar.





  • After that, choose your audience from the choices, or you can write down your own audience.





  • Then, choose your aim for the deck, or you can write down your aim.


Ekran görüntüsü 2023-10-08 211131



  • After that, choose your presentation's duration.


Ekran görüntüsü 2023-10-08 211157



  • Lastly, choose your template! Don't worry; you can always change it as you wish!


Ekran görüntüsü 2023-10-08 211216



  • After completing the steps, you can click on "Generate Presentation." And here is your presentation based on the file you uploaded! 



Note: The cost for the Import PDF feature is 50 AI credits.

That's all!