How to change the font types?

Decktopus offers a variety of fonts that are chosen to fit different styles and content themes. Our font collection ensures your presentations convey the perfect tone and message, allowing you to create impactful visuals for any audience.


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  • First, click on the "Design" button and then click on the "Change" button. 

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  • Click on a font type you want to use.

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  • You can upload a new font pair according to your own design ideas or the font type of your brand by clicking the 'upload your custom font' button.

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  • Firstly, click the 'Upload primary (bold) - secondary (regular) font.' and upload the selected font pairs you have previously downloaded to your device.

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  • Select the font type you want to use.

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  • Complete the process after you upload your fonts. When you click on a selected font family, it will be applied to your all slides automatically.

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Note: Upload brand font feature is for subscribed users. You can check in detail from our pricing page.


That's all!