How to change the design of the presentation?

Design can enhance slides and highlight key points. Attractive, nicely organized slides can help you emphasize your major points and improve your presentation.

With Decktopus you can change the design of your presentation and arrange it according to your wish.


Click here to log in to Decktopus.


  • Click on Design.  

    Untitled design (43)

  • You can change your presentation’s font by clicking Change and choosing the font right here.

Untitled design (44)

  • You can change your color palette by clicking Change and also using Edit Colors to change the font and shape colors.

Untitled design (45)

  • With Edit Colors you can change the text, background, and shape color. 

Untitled design (46)

  • You can change the layout of your slides by clicking these buttons right under your presentation.

Untitled design (48)


  • You can also change the theme from here and choose the best theme for your presentation.

Untitled design (47)


That's all!