How to change the color palette?

Decktopus enhances your design experience further by providing a selection of stunning color palettes tailored to each design category. This ensures your presentations are not only visually appealing but also consistent and harmonious in their color schemes, making your content truly stand out.

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  • First, click on the "Design" button and the "Change" button. 
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  • Select a color palette you want to use. 

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  • You can create a new color palette according to your own design ideas or the colors of your brand by clicking the 'Edit Colors' button. 

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1. Firstly, click the color you want to change,
2. You can change color by Hex code or you can use the color palette and choose the color you want.
3. Third, you should apply the color you chose.
4. Finally, save the scheme you chose and start using it!
  • When you click on a color palette,  it will be applied to your all slides automatically.

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That's all!