How to add the rating to slides?

It is not easy to get feedback from the audience while presenting. Thanks to Decktopus, you can do this easily now. Get feedback from audiences and observe their rates. You can use it to improve your business, collect data, or whatever is up to your imagination!


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  • Click to "Add Slide" button:



  • Select Rating Layout.



  • Type the Question that you want to rate and choose your favorite icon Style


  • Change the Number of Icons and write a Description to make the rating easier to understand for the audience. If you want to make the questions mandatory, activate the 'Required' button. 

You can add a new question or rating from the 'Select from Item' button. 

  •  If you want to add asking questions, you can choose the answer part as Free text Input or Option List.

If you want to add a new rating, you can choose the Rate


  • When your deck is done, share it!



  • You will receive an email from Decktopus when users submit the forms in the deck you shared.


  • When users submit the forms in the deck you shared, move your cursor on your deck, Responses part will be visible.




  • You can see your Responses on a table! 



Let the fun begin with Decktopus!


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