How to add or change an image?

Let's check how to visualize your deck. 

  • Firstly, you should use layouts that have an Image module.

    If you are using sample decks, you can check if they have an Image module.  




  • You can click Add Slides and select the layout with Image which fits your deck! 


  • You can either select an image from our image library or upload an image from your own computer. 


Option 1: Select an image from the library

  • Click the "Change Image" on the slide.

 -Click the "Select Image" tab.




  • Type a keyword and hit Enter. If you want a GIF, just click the "SEARCH GIF" button. 

  • Select one of them, and Decktopus places it automatically.


Option 2: Uploading your own image

  • Click "Change Image" on the slide.

-Click the "Upload Image" tab.

  • Bonus! 
    If you click the AI tool next to the upload image button, AI generates an image for your deck!


  • Click to upload icon to browse your images or drag an image from your computer and drop it into the highlighted area.



    That's All!


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