How to add a pie chart to your presentation?

Charts are a great way to present data visually in your presentation. With Decktopus, adding a chart is easy and only takes a few steps. Here's how to do it:


Click here to log in to Decktopus.

  • Click on to Add Slide button.


  • Select the Pie Chart Layout.




  • Go to the Edit Chart section and Click the Edit Data button. 



  • You will see the chart data in the window that opens.

Note: For the charts to work properly, you must fill column A and row 1 with content, legends and components.





  • To edit your chart data, right click on your mouse where you want. Then you can continue editing your data by performing the desired action in the pop-up window.


Note: Pie Chart works with 2 columns. The first of these columns creates legends and the other column is values. If you create more columns the chart will not render correctly.




  • After you complete your data, you can see your chart. If you want to show Legends in your presentation, you can activate Show Legends.




Note: If you activate Show Legends, you can activate and deactivate the values in Legends in your presentation.


  • When you close Legends, the legend contents in the slide will not be discussed under the chart.




  • When you hover over the legend you want on the chart, you will see the values below.




That's all!


Adding a chart to your presentation on Decktopus is a simple process that can enhance the visual appeal of your slides. With these few easy steps, you can create a professional-looking chart that will make your presentation stand out.