How to add a donut chart to your presentation?

Donut charts often display the percentages of categorical data, with the proportion of each category conveyed by the size of each section of the donut. Also, one of the simplest and most well-known ways to depict data.

With Decktopus, adding a chart is easy and only takes a few steps. Here's how to do it:


Click here to log in to Decktopus.


  • Click on to Add Slide button.




  • Select Donut Chart layout.




  • First, click on Edit Chart then click on Edit Data.




  • You can edit your chart however you want and insert more rows or remove them by clicking right on the chart. Also, you can click on the columns and change them according to your data.



  • Your Donut Chart is ready! By dragging your cursor over columns, you can view exact numbers!




  • If you click on Show Legends it will be shown at the bottom, as in the image. The information written in column A is shown as legends. 




The visual appeal of your slides can be improved by easily adding a chart to your presentation on Decktopus. You can design a professional-looking chart that will stand out in your presentation by following these few simple steps.


That's all!