How to add a bar chart to your presentation?

Bar graphs are illustrations of data in the shape of horizontal rectangular bars, with the length of the bars related to the data measure which is great to visualize and understand the data. With Decktopus, you will be able to create them in no time!

Here is how to create them easily;


Select 'Bar Chart' from the 'Add Slide' selection.



  • You can edit the chart as you need. To be able to edit your chart, you can simply select Edit Chart and add your data.



  • NOTE: You can also show Legends and X-Axis or enable the options anytime you desire. 
  • Your chart is ready! You can easily view each column by dragging your cursor over the columns.

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  • You can also edit and view your chart by clicking on the chart.




  • To add or remove a column from your chart, simply click right and select the remove or add column option.

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That's all!


Adding a chart to your presentation on Decktopus is a simple process that can enhance the visual appeal of your slides. With these few easy steps, you can create a professional-looking chart that will make your presentation stand out.