Feature Request and Report a Bug

Feature Request

To suggest a new feature, you can reach support@decktopus.com or contact us via the chat button on the right corner of the Decktopus app. 

If you want to suggest a new feature, we're very interested to know:

  • For what purpose exactly do you want this feature? In which flow will this feature work for you?
  • Have you used this feature on another platform before? If you have, can you share examples?


We add the features you suggest to our request list and prioritize these requests according to the number of requests.


Report a Bug

If you experience any problems while using Decktopus, please contact us via the chat button in the right corner of the app or at support@decktopus.com. The following information may be helpful when reporting the issue to us:


  • Your account e-mail address and the public share link of the deck you are having trouble with
  • If you have a problem with the custom domain, screenshots are taken from both your own domain and the Decktopus domain
  • Screen recording or screenshot (makes us the easiest to understand the problem)


Feedback from you is always very valuable to us. You can contact us for any suggestions or improvements via the chat button or email support@decktopus.com. We're looking forward to hearing from you.