As you know, AI credits are needed to use Decktopus AI. Everyone has AI credits and it depends on their plan. Building a deck using AI costs 30 credits and 1 credit for other internal tools.

The one-time gifted AI credits for Decktopus AI are as follows:

  • 100 AI credits for everyone who signs up for Dectopus
  • 1000 AI credits for LifeTime Deal Business Plan users
  • 750 AI credits for LifeTime Deal Pro Plan users

Note: Gifted AI credits are one-time and not renewed every month.

Users with a Decktopus monthly or annual subscription plan only have gifted AI credits and no extra credits.

To have Decktopus AI credits, it is necessary to have a monthly or annual Decktopus AI subscription plan. In these subscription plans, AI credit is renewed every month. You can check our pricing page for Decktopus AI subscription plans.