Hi there,

Decktopus has released a great feature. With Embed Code Layout, you can now embed the link you want in your presentation. You will be able to present the site you want during the presentation without going to another site while editing your presentation.

What you need to do is very simple:

  • Open your presentation press ''+''  to add new slide. 

  •  Select the "Embed Code" layout.

  • You should come to the ''Edit Code'' section and add the code you want to add here and you will see the ''HTML Embed Code Editor'' window.

  Note: Here are some things to watch out for. Here you go.


  • Now let's try adding code from a source.

                a. Come to the page you want to share. Click the "Share & Embed" section on your page.



  b. From here, select the embed section and copy the code.


  • Paste the copied code in the Custom Code section of the Embed Code layout in Decktopus.

    • It's done. You have embedded the link you want to share in your presentation.

      Note: You can change the screen of the link you embedded from the ''Change View'' buttons.


    • Some details to note:

    You should pay attention to the following when getting embed code from the link you want to share.



    • It can contain ''src'' and ''data-url'' parts in the code.

        • Example 


      • It can contain  <iframe src="URL"></iframe> parts in the code.


          • Example: 1


          • Example: 2


          • Example: 3


        • You can embed your code in your presentation by paying attention to the examples you have seen above.

        That's all! You embed the link you want in your presentation. 

         Decktopus your World!